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A project kit to get your engine started. Turn cardboard boxes and other household packaging into your very own car!

The Makedo Find & Make Car Kit gives you all the tools, reusable connectors and stickers you need to build a completely unique car. A great way to learn about recycling, this kit includes a plasticsafe-saw for punching holes in all kinds of materials and cutting it down to size; and the clever re-clips and lock-hinges let you connect boxes, containers and card together quickly and easily. Building your car is easy and fast so you'll be imagining yourself on the race track in no time. Vrooom!!! 

Makedo connectors are reusable so you can take them apart and build different cars for hours and hours of fun.

What is included:
57 reusable parts:
   26 re-clips (26 pins + 26 clips),
   4 lock-hinges,
   1 safe-saw,
   car inspired sticker sheets,
step-by-step instructions and an inspiration poster.

What else do I need:
1-2 medium boxes,
5 paper/plastic plates,
7 plastic lids or caps,
2 CDs or lids,
1.5 hours building time, hours for playing.
Playful creativity and imagination.
Help from an adult if you're under 8. 


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