Find & Make Playhouse



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A project kit to build your own cozy hide-away. Create your own Playhouse using Makedo connectors, stickers and simple step by step instructions. 

Gather the cardboard materials from around your home and you can start building your own cubby house. Then invite friends to play, there's plenty of room inside. A great way to learn about recycling, this kit includes a plasticsafe-saw for punching holes in thick cardboard and cutting it down to size; and the clever re-clips and lock-hinges let you connect boxes together quickly and easily. Makedo is specially designed to build large creations securely. Makedo parts are reusable so next time build a different playhouse for hours and hours of fun. 

What is included:
77 reusable parts
    including 35 re-clips (35 pins + 35 clips),
    6 lock-hinges,
    1 safe-saw
Playhouse inspired sticker sheets, guided instructions and an inspiration poster. 

What else is needed:
2 large cardboard boxes,
1 small box,
1.5 hours building time, hours for playing
Lots of playful creativity.
Help from an adult if you're under 8.



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