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Some of us LOVE colour. You know who you are... your heart beats a little faster when you happen upon a Pantone swatch book. You seldom describe a colour in one word - "red," because "tomato red" and "brick red" live in different zip codes of your colour memory. 

How accurate is your colour memory? Palette is just the fast-paced game to help you find out if you're keen on green, have got a clue about blue, or can think pink! Palette isn't just pretty - it's a riot of fun! 

The entire family will be gathered around - with eyes and minds working together in this clever game of colour craziness! Just three simple directions make Palette inviting, exciting, and revealing - it's a colourful analysis of the receptors and brain work of your family and friends! 

1. For just five short seconds -you'll view a specific colour (detecting a new wave frequency) and attempt to memorize the colour you see.
2. Match the shade you saw so briefly with the correct colour swatch and you win that colour chip for your palette!
3. When your palette is full of correctly matched colour swatches - 6 colour chips in all... You Win!
You might just be surprised at the different ways your mind and eyes interpret colour. Just the slightest difference in wavelength, and the perceived tint, hue or shade can completely change - challenging your colour perception!Palette is a game that tests the way your eyes and mind work together, provides lively interaction, and lends itself to learning more about the wondrous functions of the eyes and brain. Palette is proof that your detection of colour makes your life experiences unique! Palette isn't just pretty - It's a fast-paced riot of fun! A colour game that uses your eyes and brain together. Test your eyes interpretations & brain analysis of wave frequencies. 

4 High quality Artist Palettes for collecting colour chips. 
108 durable colour chips.
18 Circular colours swatch wheels.
1 Five-second sand timer.
High quality black drawstring bag. 

Bonus Colour Learning Guide - a broad spectrum of colour facts & phenomenon! Here's something to consider - colour is a product of our minds. In nature, colour doesn't exist- just wavelengths of different sizes. It is our eyes and the way our eyes and brain work together that create colours. Whatever the range of wave frequency when light bounces off an object - our eye receptors pick it up and our brain deciphers. That is what determines what colour it is we "see".

Suitable for ages 4 to 12. Recommended from 6. 

2011 GAME OF THE YEAR AWARD Creative Child Magazine,
2011 Parents' Choice Recommended Award Winner!
2011 National Association for Gifted Children Recommended,
2011 Tillywig Award Winner,
2011 Finalist for ASTRA's Best Toys for Kids


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