Pattern Play



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Pattern Play


Give your child years of enjoyment and learning with Pattern Play blocks.


  • fun and educational toys for children all ages
  • Will stimulate your mind and entertain
  • Unique and innovative toys and games
  • Pattern play blocks are a great introduction to math concepts like sorting, matching, symmetry, congruence and fractions.
  • This high-quality set fits just-so into its wood tray, with vibrant colors and unusual shapes that build spatial skills.
  • Vibrant colors and unusual shapes build spatial and artistic skills.
  • They can fit all the blocks into the tray like a puzzle, build free-form designs, or match a pattern shown on a card.
  • Includes 40 exceptionally well finished wood blocks, a 10 1/2" square wood building tray, 40 pattern cards and a drawstring canvas storage bag.


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