Set Card Game



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This is a simple game to learn and hard to master.The idea is to match any three cards on the table.points scored for each set and lost for incorrect picking a set.

What is a set collection game?

In board games, “set collection” is exactly what it sounds like: it’s a game or game mechanic that rewards players for collecting sets of something — usually cards.

The classic game Set offers a pure example of set collection. This game features 81 cards that have four different details to pay attention to: the shapes on the card, the number of shapes on the card, the color of the shapes and the shading of the shapes. Players deal 12 cards onto the table and score points by identifying visible three-card “sets” before another player can.

The features on each card in a set must either be all different or all the same. The image above shows two examples of sets. The set on the left is different on all three features: different shapes, different numbers, different colors and different shading. The set to the top of the game board has the same color and shape, but different number and shading.

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