Tor - Parachute Rocket



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Successfully produced over the last 50 years, the Tor rocket remains Quercetti’s best selling toy. The rocket’s extraordinary flying performance relies on some basic principles of aerodynamics and a particular mechanism that adjusts the opening of its built-in parachute for a unique and fun flying experience: using the sling shot provided you can launch the rocket up in the air for dozens of meters, and then watch it glide back as its parachute slows the fall until it safely hits the ground with its special shockproof tip. After amusing many generations of kids in the past, the Tor rocket will keep younger generations entertained providing hours of great outdoor fun. Last but not least, this exciting and totally safe flying toy strictly complies with the most rigorous international safety regulations.

  • 1 rocket with hinged parachute
  • 1 sling with rubber band
  • 1 instruction manual and guide

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